Rachel Basham
Rachel is a quester, lover of life, and advocate for not just opening but knocking down those skeleton doors. Embracing and learning from the shadows as more knowledge and wisdom is acquired through life experiences on how to feed the light and embody more self love and love for all that is. She's passionate about helping others discover their own truths, layers of forgiveness, ways of breaking loops, improved communication skills, playful spirit, and most of all connection to divine love and energy flow.

Rachel offers several healing modalities: Biodynamic Breath, Conscious Touch, Reiki, Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls and Chimes, Meditation (including Osho, Merkaba, Kundalini), Play Therapy, Talk Therapy, Spiritual Guidance, Nature Therapy, and Entity Removal. She loves to combine some of them with her whimsical style of energy flow for an experience unique to each client. All help to open chakas, decrease negative energy, increase positive energy, release anything from daily stress to deep-seated traumas, and create more balance and love within.

Rachel has been a participant at all UBU Today events and recently joined the team. She has been transformed by the modalities offered with UBU Today and is thrilled to be a part of team to help others feel vitally alive.