Terry Duperon
Program Director - Interim
As the cofounder of the Good Fat Company, Terry Duperon consults with brands as a wholesale retail product strategist and broker. He’s part of the prized IBM Commerce Futurist Community. You’ve seen him featured in Oracle’s Executive’s Handbook for Modern Digital Commerce and he is a contributor to the popular blog Godaddy Garage, Duperon works with brands, helping them to be consumer and retail ready. He strategically places them in the right sales channels that build awareness and revenue. Those sales channels include national brick and mortar retailers, high performing marketplace sellers and niche e-Commerce retailers. Part of Terry’s journey is spiritual. His challenged childhood and quest for healing has taken him on many adventures, including male ritual dancing, ten day solo meditation retreats and most recently a ten day vision quest in the Colorado mountains. His journey also includes over a decade of meditation practice with his Buddhist monk teacher Sokuzan.

Because he’s passionate about helping others to heal, he’s a strong advocate of UBUToday, specifically supporting the trauma release breathwork journey to awareness and wholeness.

Terry spends his time outside of business with his grandchildren and hiking in the woods with his best buddy Fergie. He loves nature.